Step Out of the Boat

When Peter stepped out of the boat onto the tumultuous water to follow the Savior, He knew and had full confidence that Christ would not let Him drown. When his foot touched the surface he was able to stand firm and walk towards Jesus. But in a moment of what I’m sure started as pure amazement and joy, doubt crept into Peter’s mind. Within moments faith was replaced by fear and Peter began to sink.

Many times we are in the same position as Peter, invited by the Lord to step out of our comfort zone and into tumultuous waters. And like Peter we sometimes feel fear creeping in and causing us to sink below the stresses and weight of the world.

But just as Peter was lifted from the all consuming, dark and frightening waters of the sea, we can be lifted up from our burdens. Christ extends the same hand today as He did two millennia ago. And as He lifts us we will, just as Peter, be brought into loving arms who carry and encourage us to go forward with faith.

It is my testimony that Christ lives and loves us, that His Church is on the earth today and that He is the head of it. Followed by apostles and prophets, just as it was when He was on the earth. I am grateful for a Savior who continues to extend His arm to guide and support and even carry me. I know that if we but put our trust in Him, we will see true miracles in our lives. I know it because I’ve seen it. Without Him, I am nothing, and because of that I owe Him everything!!

Happy Sabbath!

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