I’m Still Here

Last week I didn’t write a post. I felt super bad about it at first, but I shrugged it off because the week had been long, hard and frankly crappy. But I didn’t die and if you’re reading this neither did you (yay us!!) so let’s move on and talk about some exciting things, okay?

I believe that everybody who has EVER lived goes through the same amount of trials/hard times/bad days/crappiness as everybody else. I really, really do.

Whether you face your lot early in life or late, sprinkled evenly throughout or all in a single moment, EVERYBODY gets “served” up some terrible times. For many of you who are no longer an infant, you should have an idea of what I’m talking about.

Because from the moment you and I were born, we entered into an imperfect world where crap inevitably hits the fan (maybe that’s why we come out crying….). We are raised by imperfect people (minus my parents who are so awesome and read this.. Hi mom and dad!!👋) and we inevitably become imperfect ourselves. Each of us then lead our own lives full of imperfect situations, unfair circumstances, crappy decision making, and poor judgements.

At this point I’m sure you are absolutely fawning over my every dreary word…. just kidding! But it gets better I promise.

So you might think, “GEEZ, why the heck does anyone even want to get out of bed in the morning?? Life sucks!!!” And you know what? You are 100000% right. Life can absolutely suck.

But you’re still here.

And so am I.

And that HAS to count for something! Take a minute with me, close your eyes (but crack them a little so you can read what I’m telling you to do) and reminisce on your favorite childhood memory. Now think of someone you love or care about deeply. Think of your favorite place in the world. Think of something you accomplished this week (getting out of bed counts!! so does continually drawing breath). Think of your favorite song.

In an imperfect world full of imperfect people and circumstances, you found a way to do or experience something positive. YOU did that. You were able to succeed, find joy, find love, and find peace among the crazy and tumultuous. You created that for yourself.

And this is what I’m learning, it’s that life doesn’t hand you some moments that are awesome and some that aren’t; life hands you imperfection and you get to decide what it becomes!

I realize this is much easier said than done. I am currently facing my very own crappy and imperfect time and it CONTINUALLY knocks me to my knees and leaves me crying. I feel how hard it is to take the imperfect things that life hands us and pull something good out of it. But there are a few things I have realized:

1. I am NOT the master at life. The Master is the Creator of life Himself. I cannot take the reigns from Him. BUT, He has promised that if I am obedient to Him and that if I can just try, or even desire to try; He will be right there to help me through it all. If I but look for and reach out to Him, I can have the power of Heaven on my side.

2. No, having the power of Heaven on my side doesn’t mean that things will always go my way. What it does mean is that it will always go HIS way and it will be infinitely better than my way ever would have been.

3. If we don’t seek out help, guidance or create goodness in our own lives things will just keep getting worse. Life is an uphill battle people, there are no rest stops here! Stagnation is falling backwards. For instance, if your dishes aren’t done (like mine currently aren’t) the status of your dishes will not change until you get up off of the couch, set down your phone and do your dishes. But I can just do them later!!! I love this excuse, it’s a personal favorite. But the problem with it is that doing the dishes later is still going to stink (maybe literally depending on how long you wait). By procrastinating you didn’t avoid any crappiness! Instead get up, crank up your favorite tunes, do some dishes and shake your booty! And then sweep the floor while you’re already on a roll!

4. Even in the worst of times, there is something good and happy to be found. This could very easily be the throwback jam that comes on while you’re doing dishes. It could also be a loved one reaching out. Or it could be that there’s a new episode of your show out and you have time to watch it today. Or maybe the sky looks really pretty today. Whatever it is, find it, appreciate it, and hold onto it for dear life.

5. You are a SURVIVOR. Even in this very second, you are surviving. Whatever your battle may be in life right now, you are currently conquering it. You are succeeding. Each new breath, each step forward, each moment you haven’t thrown in the towel is a win. You are doing an awesome job. So go ahead and pat yourself on the back because hey,

You’re still here.

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