Good Morning!

It’s time to get reeeeaaaally personal. Let me tell you about my most hated physical trait, my weight.

I have struggled with my weight and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin for as long as I can remember. I distinctly recall a conversation my mom had with my best friend’s mom when I was in elementary school. They were talking about buying school clothes and my mom mentioned my size. My friends mom said “Really? She doesn’t look like a size (fill in the blank). (Friends name) is only a size (2 sizes smaller)!!”


That is the first time I remember being self conscious of my body.

Fast forward to high school and all of my friends were getting asked to the dance and I wasn’t. Obviously my weight was the problem!! If only I could wear that size, the boys would ask me out too, or so I thought. But unfortunately, I chose to eat my emotions (the same way I still do today) instead of taking my frustrations out at the gym.

So I gained weight. And I hated myself for not fixing the problem.

Fast forward to today. This last year has been TOUGH. I mean the hardest experiences that I have EVER faced. And as per usual, I ate my way through it. And I gained 40 pounds. 40. FORTY. Do you know how much I hate saying that? A LOT.

So why am I telling you this then?

It’s not because I want your pity. It’s not for the attention, and it’s not a cry for help. It’s because I am making a change. I am stepping up to the plate in a way that I never have before. This year in 2019, I’m going to be bold. I’m going to face my fears, put myself first and make the necessary changes. And I’m ready to be accountable for that.

This all might seem kind of flashy just for me to set a goal. And it probably is. But for the girl or guy out there that reads this and has changes they need to make too, I write this as an invitation. Be bold with me. New Years might have passed but we can still make this OUR year. Better yet, let’s make this OUR life. Let’s quit sitting around waiting for things to get better and let’s make some changes! If you need moral support, a cheer leader, or even someone to be accountable to hit me up! Let’s do this!!

But what I hope you see that I’m not perfect, that I struggle, that I don’t have it all together, and that I really don’t know what I’m doing. But with God on my side and an amazing husband who is supporting me and cheering me on, and a lot of hard work, I am going to figure it out and be a little better. For those of you who need a wake up call, GOODMORNING!! It’s time to get up and make things happen!

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  1. Hi there, congratulations on putting demands on yourself for the best version of you. There’s nothing wrong with you looking out for YOU.

    If you need any help with designing the best version of you, as an empowerment coach and fitness consultant, my books can be found at

    I’m sure you’ll do great at whatever weight/size YOU desire. What others think doesn’t matter. They don’t define you pretty lady.


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